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The awakening of the Golden Dragon Introduction

To bring us to our full potential, the Dragon energy is being released into our planet. It’s a time of great spiritual awakening. The Golden Dragon is calling with the strength of the Fire, the power of the Volcanoes and the wisdom and knowledge of the Crystals. It’s calling us to rise as true guardians of Mother Earth and all the species that live on Her. The Golden Dragon is here to take us to our higher potential. From the lslands of the Dragon,Eastern Island ,Amaru Muru (Peru),among other places ,ancient memories are being released, remnants of the Lemuria are surfacing for us to take our rightful place on Mother Earth . Through different techniques, with common roots, being born anew has never been easier. Dancing, singing, meditating, healthy eating and knowledge have the power to reconnect us to our higher consciousness and awake us to our full potential. Welcome yourself, the choice is yours, the Time is now. A new Earth is awaiting Us All. Ceremony – Awakening of the Golden Dragon Through fire, singing and dancing, we create a state of happiness. This allows us to experience magic in its pure form – as love and light.


Workshop – Awakening of the Golden Dragon

In this workshop you open the door to your own perceptions. You acquire the tools to work with yourself. To let your inner crystal shine. Every facet of this crystal is welcome to be integrated into your human experience. By this embracing ,you release light into your whole being and create a state of healthiness, peace and happiness. Through techniques, such as shaking, breathing, dancing and psycho-magic, we work on releasing the Past , observing the Present and creating the Future.


Healing sessions

In many cultures we see the practice of cleansing, or ‘limpia’. I use Condor feathers, Aguas floridas, smoke, herbs, water and others to clear your electromagnetic field or aura of accumulated debris (emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic). You can book a session j the festival.


Healing ceremony

Awakening of the Golden Dragon. Through fire, sining and dancing we create a state of happiness. This allows us to experience magic in ts pure form – as love and light. Be welcome at the Mysteyfield to joint this ceremony.


I will be staying in Europe during the summer. For activities and private healingsessions outside festivals please conact me or check Facebook: Carola Esparza tour 2018

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