Juel McNeilly

Workshop – Oshun’s Wild Women

Women have a natural power source of energy within us that is truly a force of nature. In this journey, I invite you to connect with this source of overflowing joy through invoking the goddess of every daily pleasure – OSHUN.

We will journey into the hot, tropical world of the Caribbean, to immerse yourself in your inner magical aromas, as you unleash your sensual individuality. Explore your entire being through a meditative journey to awaken the senses, dive into your coquettishness, connect with your pussy power, an offering of honey, Caribbean dance (wining), womb to womb connection, a mix luscious mindful movement and stillness – a mystical Caribbean meditation. It’s going to be hot and spicy!


Wake up program – Embodied Rise & ShineDance

We will start this gorgeous new day by tapping into the warm softness inside. Awakening the flow of sensuous energy, igniting the tingles of your life force. Taking the time to ‘remember’, ground into you, and set intention for the day through scrumptious movement. An invitation to take this moment to connect into your intuition, embody your intention, and surrender into the stirring flows of your journey. A true Rise & Shine dance


Evening program – Dance!

Remember that scrumptious feeling of losing yourself in a song? To let go of thinking about the steps, and just Move?! Knowing that if it feels right, it’ll stick to your soul. Moving freely in the body is a fantastic way to bring your focus inside, tap into your sensual juiciness, and set yourself free in effortless fluidity. I invite you to awaken your sensuality, release the feminine energy inside of you. Let us ignite our wild sensual together, and make magic happen.


Movie: come move with me!

About me:

Juel McNeilly is an exuberant, intuitive, open, mystical entrepreneur. She creates an intuitive, connected, authentic life journey for herself, and invites others to join her. With a passion for personal transformation, consciousness, and self-realization. Juel supports women connect to their authentic selves.

“I am most inspired when facilitating the ‘switch’ someone goes through when they shift to a new and empowering insight about themselves, or their surroundings. And, I love it when it happens to me!”

She has a richly varied background as an artist, facilitator, in afro-carib & indigenous arts, ritual and healing arts, NLP, corporate management, consulting, and leadership development. She has been personal coach, and a facilitator for workshops for almost 10 years. People call her exuberant, grounded, radiant, peaceful, and safe.

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