Magdalena Lisowska – Zomer 2

Wild Nymph Dance Ritual workshop

We women blossom as flowers and our creativity to express the beauty is endless. Nymphs are female spirits eternally youthful celestial maidens They are the children of the Gods and Mother Nature and transform between their female forms and bodies of nature. We are easy and free, sensual in a light way, innocent and playful.

We are going to explore and evoke their energy and play together as a circle of sisters with elements of nature.

Creating the flower head wreath, learning the nymphs subtle dance moves and playfulness …it’s a softly magical ritual that we are creating together.

From 16 years old. Very recommended is to dress white floating dress or skirt.

Wild Nymph Performance

Wild Nymph gets me back to the circle of dancing women of all traditions and times worldwide. Celtic, Druid, Polish Slavic and more, her roots are deep in the earth. Old ritual dances made in a mystery of the forests, temples or a stone circles awakening highly feminine magic.

This time I’ll be dancing the fire element the one that is my main power. Welcome to join me after the show and create passionate field of fiery, witchy energy as we were doing it many lifes ago.

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